Derk Pehrson

Meet Derk PehrsonVolunteerVision

Derk Pehrson will bring the highest standards of performance to the South Salt Lake Mayor’s Office.  Accountability is essential when you are dealing with Tax Payer Dollars.  South Salt Lake residents deserve strong leadership and accountability in the Mayor’s Office.


Derk has always held himself accountable while helping others.  He began creating opportunity while attending the University of Utah where he founded his first small business.  Later, Derk founded RealtiCorp and Western States Mortgage employing more than four hundred people.


Derk’s strength of leadership is reflected by the success of his businesses as well as by his service to his community. He has focused on improving the everyday lives of his family and all community members by volunteering in numerous activities and holding important positions within this community.

Derk Pehrson for Mayor of South Salt Lake City